IW Iron Worker Machine

Durma IW, is capable of operating when high volume of work is required. 5 stations enable to make the production more efficient and it can be operated by one foot pedal. It is capable of punching, flat shearing, angle shearing, bar shearing and notching that makes it the perfect fit to serve you for your metalworking needs.

Designed with multi-functionality in mind to save labor force, time, energy and cost, DURMA ironworkers set the industry standard for reliability, productivity and accuracy. Dual cylinder ironworkers are available in 55, 80, 100, 110, 150 165, 180 and 300-ton models.

IW Series Iron Worker today, tomorrow and forever with you.


DURMA Multi P Line is a complete solution partner for punching Lighting Pole punching. Automatic lighting pole punching line is designed to increase efficiency and speed.

If your business needs a punching pioneer, we have got you covered with Durma P Series Ironwoker. It is a specialized punching machine that answers to your needs precisely. It is designed for businesses that require greater volume of work and desire a more productive machine. It is equipped with triable punching unit, hydraulic holddown and Siemens control unit.

P Multi Machine today, tomorrow and forever with you.



With its NC option on the P and BTD Iron workers series, offers Long life utilization  thanks to its strong  steel body construction and powerful blades. As well as flat materials, various types of materials with NC option rapid pivoting which prevents marking and offers easy, fast and versatile operation to the operator.

Thanks to its large designed work table, it provides the operator  multipurpose drilling. With its  easy  detachable  punch and matrix connection system, fast and precise cutting can be obtained with openable stripper ,it provides both horizontally and vertically NC maneuver for the punching materials.

Easy to adjust holders it ensures and achieves precision cuttings.